CamRanger…This is a must have!

Live View

Wirelessly stream live view to your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device, or Mac or Windows computer. Complete focusing control with touch focus, incremental adjustments, and focus stacking.


Capture & View Images

Capture images in all drive modes. Then view full resolution images in JPG or Canon RAW and optionally save to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device, or Mac or Windows computer. CamRanger is a great wireless tethering solution.

View & Edit Camera Settings

Remotely change and view camera settings: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Drive/Shooting Mode (Single, Continuous, etc.), AF, Metering Mode, Image Format, Auto Exposure Mode, and Exposure Compensation and Bracketing.

Record Movies

Wirelessly record movies to view and edit later. CamRanger supports touch focusing during movie recording for many Nikon and Canon cameras.



Setup intervalometer (time lapse) or HDR on your CamRanger. No need for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device, or Mac or Windows computer to remain connected after the initial setup.

 Macro & Focus Stacking

Perfect for macro photography where your camera is in awkward locations or very precise focus control is needed. Use automatic focus stacking for enhanced depth of field.

Is your photographer a professional photographer? Patty Hill Photography I Maryland Professional Photographer

In the digital age, where anyone with an iPhone and a Facebook page can market himself or herself as a photographer, it’s difficult to trust someone to capture your memories. After all, those precious moments disappear in a flash.

Before you hire a photographer, professionals recommend you develop a good working relationship with that person by learning as much as possible about their experience, equipment, company policies, certifications and professional affiliations.

Some suggestions when interviewing your photographer:

Examine backup equipment

“Backup equipment can tell you who is an amateur or professional photographer,”  “There’s always a situation where the camera or flash might stop working.”  Professional photographers always travel with at least 2-3 camera bodies for all shoots.

Know the experience level

You should find out how a photographer got started, did the go to college for photography, how long they’ve been in business and how many shoots they’ve done, adding that the more experience a photographer has, the better he or she will be able to adapt to different weather and lighting conditions.

Look for career development

Being a member of nonprofit organization Professional Photographers of America shows a level of commitment to grow a photography business and keep skills current.

The organization also certifies photographers, which involves submitting photos and taking a written test. “It’s pretty much the difference between being an accountant and a CPA,” The PPA website allows you to search for certified photographers and members of PPA.

Pay for professionalism

Professionals are in the price range of $125 for a one-hour session in studio and $195 for a 1.5-hour session in studio or on location.  The range for family portrait sessions usually range $250 to $400.  Some professional photographers charge a Sitting fee which  range in the $125 – $200. If the photographer charges by the hour you can expect an hourly rate of about $200 per hour

Before you hire your photographer you should definitely shop around, make sure the photographer you hire has the skills you’re seeking and produces quality work. “There is a price to be paid for a professional, and I think it’s worth it,”

Stay protected

Professionals strongly recommend you confirm your photographer is properly insured. Most carry general liability insurance for their consumers’ protection, as well as their own. For instance, it covers the cost if someone gets hurt or property is damaged during a shoot.

They also carry equipment insurance.

Moving to FX with Nikon’s New 810 Body Patty Hill Photography I Maryland Photographer

nikon 810

Its time to put the DX body down and get onboard and serious with a Nikon Full Frame FX body.   The Nikon D810 DSLR Camera  takes photography to a  new level of resolution, sharpness and all around in creditable images.   So many features to this camera that are designed specifically for my genre of photography.    It is tailored for newborn, portrait, architecture, landscapes with is low ISO and 36.2 pixel images.  Lets get shooting and break this bad boy in!

Spring time is here finally! Patty Hill Photography I Maryland Real Estate Photographer

In today’s “Buyers Market”  having a competitive edge is a must if you want to sell you current home and not give it away.  Therefore you want to attract as many buyers as possible of course that are pre-qualified at your price point.  Start with first impressions.  How many buyers will you attract with dull, under or over exposed images that simply just do not do the property justice.  Images get your buyers through the front door.  Properly exposed color correct images that are shot with a wide angel pulls your buyers in for  closer look.  0000_1389631628_large 0012_190608112_large 0013_1618002186_large 0014_408296284_large 0015_1646287980_large 0019_1487240532_large 0026_1169150401_large

Does your listing images look like the ones above?  If not, is there any wonder why  no one is coming to see your fabulous home.  This home sold in less than 30 days with numerous offers.  IN A DOWN OVERPOPULATED Real Estate Market.  BTW.  They got asking price!

Proud Member of Professional Photographer of America Patty Hill Photography I Maryland Portrait Photography

These days, photography is practiced by anyone with a smartphone, but it’s mastered by few. When it comes to those once-in-a-lifetime moments—when you’ve got one shot at getting it right—you better make sure the person behind the camera is a pro.  A proven professional photographer that is.  Make sure your photographer is a member of PPA.  Look for this logo.  Then check to make sure they are a member in good standing.


Baby Boy Brantley Barber Patty Hill Photography I Maryland Newborn Photography

Brantley is the son of proud parents Steven Barber and Tina Pugh of Elkton Maryland.  Brantley was about a week old during his photo shoot.  Grandma

Cheryl Barber especially like the Harley images.

To view all of Brantley’s photos:

Little Miss Emma Kathleen Patricia Hellstern Patty Hill Photography I Maryland Newborn Photography

Little Miss Emma was only 10 days old during her shoot.   Emma was more concerned with feeding every 10 minutes so when she did fall asleep in between feedings we had to move  quickly to get the shot.  Custom made tutu and matching headband, organic headbands, neutral colored swaddles were used so Baby Emma “Popped”.  See you in 6 months for your next photoshoot

View Emma’s Full Photo Shoot here:

Welcome to my blog

Hi my name is Patty Cael Hill.  I am professional photographer located in Elkton, Maryland   Though I am located in Cecil County Maryland, I also service the areas of  Baltimore, Annapolis and all of Delaware.

Take some time to look around my website for some truely amazing images of newborn babies,  stunning images of histiric building, beuatiful lanscapes from the OBX and so much more.

Hope to be shooting with you soon!